Dateline: Louisville, Kentucky — It looked like an easy robbery.  Surveillance video posted by WHAS TV shows a masked man entering a Louisville location of the Raising Cane fast-food restaurant around 10:00 last Saturday night and, flashing a weapon at the cashier, demanding money.

We say it looked like an easy robbery, because the restaurant appeared empty.  But what the would-be armed robber apparently didn’t notice was the young man and woman seated in a booth in the back, enjoying their meal together.

And as the surveillance video also shows, upon noticing the fuss at the front of the restaurant, both patrons reach behind them, draw pistols from their belt holsters and advance on the robber, who then beats a quick retreat out of the restaurant.

What the robber didn’t realize is the couple was Elizabethtown police Officer Nicole McKeown and her husband of only six months, Detective Chase McKeown, enjoying a late-night date.  That’s right — both of them are cops.

The pair followed the robber outside where they held him at gunpoint until other officers took him into custody, according to WDRB TV.

Justin Carter, already a convicted felon for using a weapon stolen from another police department, was charged with possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, receiving stolen property, and robbery.