Car Chases & Tigers!

Remember the tiger spotted wandering around a Houston neighborhood over the weekend?  Well, the story has gotten a whole lot more interesting since then.

Turns out the tiger’s owner was a man named Victor Cuevas, and he’s a suspect in a 2017 murder case who was out on bond.  When police arrived at his house, he drove off in a white SUV – with the tiger inside. On Monday night, Houston police said that Cuevas was in custody after a brief pursuit – but the tiger, a 9-month-old male named ‘India’, was on the loose with whereabouts unknown.  Cuevas is now charged with evading arrest, and police are seeking to revoke his bond from the prior murder charge.

His social media accounts include photos and video of Cuevas playing with other exotic animals, including monkeys and a bear.

What would you do if you saw a tiger wandering the streets?  How about in a car chase? That is something to talk about.