While we say what it’s called out loud, the phenomenon known as “Resting B**** Face” has become such an issue for some women in this social media world that they’re going under the knife to put a smile on their faces.

RBF is characterized by looking, well, like a B when your face is neutral, and the New York Post reports that women are now seeking help from plastic surgeons in droves.

One of these so afflicted is Hope Davis, of Red Bank, New Jersey, who tells the paper she made the decision to see a doctor when her friends uploaded unflattering pictures of her to social media. “I was like, ‘Oh great, I look mad in the middle of the party.’ I looked like a sourpuss,” the 42-year-old lamented.

She sought out Dr. David Shafer, a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Midtown Manhattan, with a simple request. She wanted, “a pleasant resting look,” not a “Joker smile.”

Fillers and sometimes Botox are used to correct the unintentional frowny face, with the short procedures costing between $500-5,000. The effects can last up to two years.

If you can’t afford the surgery, though, Dr. Shafer advises to avoid one thing that makes RBF worse: selfies.

As he notes, selfies force people to, “look down at their phone, [which] accentuates the resting b**** face.”