What Does Memorial Day Mean To You??

Hot dogs, tator salad, swimsuits and fishin’? Absolutely!! With great weather planned and plenty of fun local events going on, it won’t be hard to enjoy. After all, it is the perfect time to really take in and partake in our great freedoms and all that the most incredible country on the planet has to offer. My answer, a good balance. I always remember those that sacrificed so much. From the Beaches Of Normandy or better known as “D-Day” June 6th 1944, to the incredibly vicious battle of Iwo Jima, and most recently Iraq and Afghanistan. The stories of heroism are never ending, and I for one am so very grateful to all of the souls that gave their lives for the many freedoms that I get to enjoy today. I know that you often hear people “Say” things such as this, but I truly reflect and take stock in what it all meant. So while I certainly hope that you are able to be with friends and loved ones and thrive in all of the fun of Memorial Day Weekend, my wish is that you may also take some time to reflect and remember that freedom is definitely not free, nor should we ever forget those that made it possible.

If you have family members, friends, neighbors or acquaintances that previously served and sacrificed their lives, I hope you will visit our Facebook page over the holiday and share these courageous stories of bravery with everyone to honor them, and listen all weekend to KYKX 105.7 for our tributes. Finally, I would like to give credit and thanks to AJ Redd (KYKX 7-Mid On Air Personality) for this amazing graphic/photo that caused me to pause and reflect.

Last but most certainly not least, thank you for listening. And may God bless and protect The United States Of America.



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