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Watch: Stephanie Urbina Jones – “Vamonos! (Let’s Go!) introduces you to Stephanie Urbina Jones’ new single “Vamonos! (Let’s Go!)

kykx1057 afternoon host Phat Matt asked her about her Texas music infused with Hispanic influences.

“There’s been a lot of artists along the way that have influenced me, as a songwriter first, to express┬ámy feelings. ┬áLinda Rhondstat, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton – these are artists that were unique to themselves” Stephanie Urbina Jones said.

“And then you add – I love mariachis. When I hear them, I feel five years old – they’re fun!” Jones added. “There are a lot of country artists that have put a little bit of that ‘chili-pepper’ – as my grandmother would say – into their country music. I just see the way people love it – and it’s always good to feel good and have fun!”

Check out Stephanie Urbina Jones’ video for Vamonos! (Let’s Go!) above and listen for the tune during Buckwild Texas Nights – weeknights 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. only on kykx1057.



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