From slapping pizza dough to flipping bottles behind the bar to being on the stage at some of the biggest music concerts in the country Jon Stork has a story to tell.

Jon Stork

“Facts and Lies”ISRC: US2761993138

Written by
Cameran Nelson (BMI)
Cody Johnson (BMI)




The grass seems a little greener on the other side most of the time, until you get there. If you know someone or have been there yourself, the song is going to resonate. “Facts and Lies” catches the essence, in a subject most prefer to dance around. A tune with the energy and story to match, will make you think and bring you in for a second listen.


Born and raised on the coastal plains of Texas, comes a young man who has been carrying around his guitars since he was able enough to bring it along. His sound is not placed into any one category and the same can be said about his audience. Songs and stories of people and places have spilled out in lyrical form and conveyed into a musical show, which can only be described after being a part of it. Beasley, Texas is the one light town that helped shape rising artist, Jon Stork, as he found his way into the life of music, he is now living. Growing up on a ranch with a musical family and being a middle child, you can say that playing and singing seemed to come naturally for the young cattleman, as he set out to learn more about this dream that he had no plans on running down. Throughout childhood and into his young adult life, Stork attributes church to his feel and passion behind the music, saying – “I was raised in church and brought up on praise/gospel songs. There aren’t many other places or ways you can learn to feel music in that way.” Using these lessons helped this songwriter find his style and sound as he began to spread his wings. Through high school and into college, the music continued to grow and take root in what turned out to be just the start of what was to come. While attending college at the University of Houston, on his days/nights off, you could most likely find this young Stork playing on a back patio or serving drinks behind a bar. That was the case until he was told to make a choice between playing music or having a job. The choice was made and the job was lost.

Hitting the pavement a little harder, along with pen to paper, “In Your Radio” was released in May of 2017. With even less time, Stork came out of the gate strong with his first single, “Rodeo Blues”, in December 2017. Getting his band and sound right for the next ten months is what he did. Playing all over Texas and some outside of the state, the words began to spread. In October of 2018 the second radio single hit the charts, as “One Night Stand” began to grab the attention of people from all over. Today, the culmination of stories (turned song) have resulted in something people are going to have to listen to, twice. Releasing his first full-length album, “Radio Cowboy”, September 2019, Stork is eager for new music to hit the listeners’ ears, saying – “I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone on this album and I think we hit our mark.”

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