Teacher is building thousands of desks after seeing kids don’t have work spaces at home
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An Iowa teacher is building desks for students who are learning remotely during the pandemic.

In the fall, Nate Evans, a 7th grade literacy teacher from Ankeny, launched the project he calls Woodworking with a Purpose. He and 50-plus volunteers have built roughly 600 desks for kids after Evans noticed some were logged into virtual classes while sitting at kitchen tables or on their beds.

“It’s for kids who have absolutely nothing to kids who have everything they’ve wanted but don’t have this space because it wasn’t available,” Evans told Good Morning America. “Somebody had to provide it and I thought, ‘Why not me?'”

Evans first paid for the supplies to build desks using money from his own pocket. But after posting his idea to Facebook, community donations started flooding in.

Evans and his team have a goal to make 2,020 desks (representing the year 2020) by the end of this school year. They’re now trying to raise an additional $30,000 for materials.

Each desk costs $20-$25 to make and are built in a storage unit or inside Evans’ garage. Local educators then pick them up to distribute to students in the area.

Evans recently held a community build day with Ankeny Christian Church where volunteers worked to make approximately 100 desks.

Woodworking with a Purpose is a Core Cause through Core Foundation. Donations are tax deductible under the foundation’s 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

Visit Woodworking with a Purpose on Facebook or Core Foundation to find out how to help.

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