Reality Not So Real?!?

09/20/2012 - Reality personality Arie Luyendyk Jr. and actress Tess Broussard - Los Angeles Confidential Magazine Pre-Emmy Event hosted by Evan Handler and Pam Adlon with live fashion presentation by Black Halo Eve - The London West Hollywood - West Hollywood - Keywords: LA Confidential Magazine Pre-Emmy Party, Arie Luyendyk Jr., Tess Broussard Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: Joyce Chow / - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1

Let’s face it, like it or not we live in a time when everyone is trying to be a star or think that they are. We are drawn to things like the “Royal Wedding”. Frankly I am more surprised that everyone is shocked about most of it being acting and made for TV illusions of drama. One of the biggest and most popular reality shows today is The Bachelor, my mom and sisters are absolutely addicted! After a brief phone call from my mom sounding as if her whole world had been shaken upside down, only to exclaim “Did you know that the breakup scene with Arie was staged?!?”. I said yeah mom, they are out for ratings and to sell the show, certainly you understand they don’t do this for their health lol. The famous scene has him (Arie) ending his engagement with Becca Kufrin. He is now speaking out and is not happy with how is was edited and played out. Frankly, do you not take a risk putting all of your personal life out on national TV? Needless to say I am not a big fan of the show, and especially publicizing such personal (supposed to be real and special) matters of the heart and something as important as marriage. But I digress, another painful reminder that most things in today’s world are fake or for show. What is it about these kinds of shows that draw us in? What are some of your favorite “Reality” TV shows and why? I will admit when it has to do with talent such as singing and songwriting, I am in! Don’t get me wrong, I am not slamming on others hobbies, just giving some perspective.



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