Please Fill Out This Application To Date Me

A woman on Tinder is taking her dating game to the next level — by having potential suitors complete an application before agreeing to a date.

According to The Daily Star, the application starts out asking for basic information like name, age, and what they are looking for before digging deeper to determine compatibility.

Screenshots show that other questions included: ‘Do you consider yourself a feminist?’ ‘What Hogwarts House are you?’ (A reference to Harry Potter), ‘What’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?’ and ‘Do you like cats?’

One of the men who matched with this woman on the dating app shared this information to Reddit where critics sounded off.

One responder wrote: “I’d fill it out and end with a 10/10 Awkward.”

Another responded, “You can already tell by the questions this is one of the most insufferable people on the planet. Thank them for the warning and move along.”

It wasn’t all criticism though, some actually thought the date application was a good idea.

“Maybe it’s the Virgo in me but I like the survey! I wouldn’t mind putting one together for myself,” one Redditor shared. “”I’m older and divorcing so maybe I just have a different perspective.”

Another wrote, “Seems like a great concept especially if you know what you are looking for beyond age range/gender/ sexual preference.”

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