Nothing Happens By “Accident”

Smiling baby after shower with towel on head

I cannot tell you how many times my ex and I would argue about seat belts and car seats. “The darn things are uncomfortable, we’re only going a few blocks”, etc were some of my excuses. As I read this story today, I am confident that she was right all along. A mom’s last minute text to her hubby saved baby from a crash. Rebecca Tafaro Boyer had returned to the workforce after maternity leave when she insisted that her husband send her updates about her baby boy. He obliged and sent a pic of their son strapped in as they headed out for errands. Rebecca happened to notice in the pic that the baby’s car seat strap looked loose, so she texted back “Fix the car seat, the chest slip isn’t high enough or tight enough”. Good thing her hubby obliged because moments later a car struck his vehicle at 50 mph and thankfully the baby was kept safe! Let this ring as a reminder to make sure that seat belts are not only warn but that car seats are installed and used properly. Parents do you have any tips or similar stories to share??



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