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Matt Ganssle Music Outreach Program at Truman W Smith Children’s Center

In September Boston Chris and ETX ROCKS started their Monday Music Outreach program at Truman W. Smith Children’s Care Center thanks to the outpouring of support from Musicians from all over Texas and beyond! The first person they talked to about this program was Matt Ganssle at KYKX 105.7 and he was so excited about it!

The Center in Gladewater is a long term medical facility for medically fragile children.
Currently they serve 100 children and have seen a positive change in the children through music!

It is with a heavy heart, after talking with Matt’s parents and the folks at Truman that ETX ROCKS has decided to forever name this outreach program in his honor!

So here is the lineup for “The Matt Ganssle Music Outreach Program!” They have openings for every Monday after the dates shown in this poster, so if you are an artist that would like to play this outreach please let them know via eamail to, even if you have played it before!!

Thank you Fred Ganssle and Betty Ganssle, and Vanessa McGraw of Truman Smith and of course to all the artists!

We all miss you Matt Ganssle!!

And to anyone able to volunteer time to the Children’s Center, they are in desperate need of volunteers for their activities, please ask for Vanessa.



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