Just Say NO! Husband Banned From Delivery Room for Sneaking His Mom In Against Wife’s Wishes

A husband was banned from seeing his daughter born into the world because he just couldn’t say “no” to his mother.  A woman, who wished to remain nameless, says she and her husband planned to only have medical staff in the delivery room when she gave birth to their daughter.  Her husband, who was being pestered by his mother, couldn’t stick to the plan the mother said it was unfair for her not to see her granddaughter being born.  Instead of going along with his wife’s wishes, he snuck his mother into the delivery room as the baby was crowning. As you can imagine this caused the expectant mother a lot of stress as she repeatedly asked her husband to ask his mother to leave, he refused, leaving hospital staff to make the request who made everyone leave the room, including the baby’s father.

The husband continues to harbor anger toward the wife due to not being able to see his child being born, but who do you think was in the wrong? Was someone in the delivery room while you gave birth that you wished hadn’t been?