ABC/Image Group LAJordan Davis‘s breakthrough hit, “Singles You Up,” made him the most successful new artist of 2018, according to Billboard.

Now that he has his second top ten hit with “Take It from Me,” the Louisiana native says it’s even sweeter, since he crafted the song with his brother, Jacob Davis, who’s also an artist.

“Oh man, it’s great!” he tells ABC Radio. “And the best thing about it is I co-wrote that with my brother. So it’s like every week we get to see the success continue and we get to celebrate that together.”

“So, you know, I had a great run with ‘Singles You Up,’” he adds, “and now the fact that he’s getting to enjoy how fun it is to see a song connect with people, I mean, man it’s awesome.”

Jordan’s revealed he even pushed for “Take It from Me” to be his debut single, since he believes it’s an even better representation of who he is.

“You know, just even…the production of it is a little more kind of who I am as an artist,” he explains. “I grew up with a lot of different influences. The kinda R&B side was very influential in my upbringing.”

“You know, I think [‘Take It From Me’] kinda has a little bit more of that feel to it, and I think just an overall feel of that song is something that I think defines me more than maybe some other songs on Home State.”  

Later this month, Jordan kicks off Old Dominion‘s Make It Sweet Tour on January 18 at Allstate Arena in Chicago.

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