Essential Fall Prevention Resources for Seniors Planning to Age in Place

Spending your golden years in the home where you’ve lived for decades may seem like a more comfortable choice than moving into a retirement community. But in the average home, seniors have to contend with the risks of falling and potentially hurting themselves. As a homeowner, you’ll need to prepare accordingly. If you plan to age in place and you’re thinking about fall prevention, these resources from KYKX 105.7 will help you modify your home, find a supportive caregiver, and make healthy choices to lower your chances of falling. 


How to Modify Your Home


Address any fall hazards in your home with these accessible design tips. 

  • Start by choosing slip-resistant flooring materials for your entire home. 
  • Redesign your sleeping area to protect yourself from falling out of bed.
  • Plan for other essential changes with this guide to home design for fall prevention.
  • Use smart tech to enhance your home and make it safer. A camera system, for instance, provides a way for your kids to keep tabs on you at home.


When It’s Time for In-Home Care

Sometimes, in-home care is a key component of fall prevention.  

  • Understand how a home health aid can help you maintain independence.
  • Research your options for financing in-home care. 
  • These tips will help you hire the right caregiver for your needs.  


Changing Your Lifestyle

Prioritizing your physical and mental health can reduce your risk of falling. 

  • Try exercise moves that are intended to improve your balance.
  • Ask your doctor about supplements that can boost your joint health.
  • Improve your sleep routine to avoid fatigue, brain fog, and unsteadiness.  
  • Focus on a holistic approach to healthy habits with these informative resources. 


Fall prevention is an important issue for all seniors — even healthy people could suffer a fall as they grow older. But you do not necessarily have to relocate to a senior community out of fear of falling. With these resources, you can create a plan for aging in place that will help you avoid falling in your own home.