Candy Corn Sour or Sweet?

One of the most highly debated sweets of our time. To candy corn or not candy corn. Personally, I LOVE IT! In fact, I look forward every year to seeing who or what will be the next new thing to go candy corn flavor. So much so that I look forward to Halloween just BECAUSE of CANDY CORN lol. I will never forget when I stopped at a gas station once and they had “Candy Corn flavored Dots”. OMG I was immediately addicted and of course, much like everything else, they get you addicted to something and then take it away because I have never found them again. The new one this year is very different! Get ready for “Candy Corn flavored Sour Patch Kids”. I am not sure how I feel about this one lol been trying to picture it. Holding my reservations on this one but if you are one of those people that like sour and sweet  mixed you may really be in for a treat! Comment below with your favorite Halloween candy, also what in your opinion, is the WORST Halloween candy? Also, thoughts on Halloween? Do you still do the traditional? Or Trunk or Treat??



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