Everyone knows from my profile picture that my FAVORITE soda is Dr. Pepper! I guess you could say the rest of Texas agrees!! A petition was started on Tuesday at change.org by the brand seeking to have the Texas state legislature name Dr. Pepper as the Lone Star state’s official soft drink. I mean there is already an official state flower and an official state bird, but Texas does not have an official state soft drink. Citing it’s history as the oldest soft drink in the US, Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco in 1885 and is still headquartered in Plano. The plan is to bring the signatures to the House when Congress returns to session. In the first day online, over 5,000 have signed on board.

Q: Does it make sense for Texas to have an official soft drink?

Q: Which other states could claim soda fame??

Q: If you could claim your favorite soda the official one, which one would it be???

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