Bobby Living Out “Boyhood Dreams” This Week

Bobby Bones has a fun few days coming up where he feels like he’ll be living out his “boyhood dreams.”  

After the show on Thursday, he and the guys with his sports show, Too Much Access, are flying to Arizona to do an episode at The University of Arizona Football with their head coach and a few of their players. They’ll also plan on recording a podcast somewhere in Tucson but have no idea where yet. They will inform listeners once they find a location so they can come check it out if they want!  

They’ll leave Arizona on Friday and Bones will then go play in the Major League Softball Celebrity Game at Texans Ranger Stadium on Saturday. He’ll be back in-studio in Nashville on Monday and then they will fly to the University of Oregon to workout with their football team and plan to record a podcast somewhere there Tuesday night. Then on Wednesday morning, they will go to Steve Young’s house for an interview. Young heard a segment where Bones shared that he geeked out when he met him, so he texted him and told him he was a fan of the show and invited him to his house. Bones feels like he’s living out his “boyhood dreams” and is super excited for the upcoming days!