Be Lame or Be Arrested? What Would You Choose

Two teens found themselves between a rock and a hard place when forced to choose between being “lame” and being locked up.

TC Palm reports that the boys chose wrong because… they chose both!

An Indian River County sheriff’s deputy came across two kids from Vero Beach, Florida, driving around in a golf cart around 4 a.m. late December.  So, when he gave pursuit in his cruiser, the boys dumped the golf cart and fled on foot.

An 18 and 15-year-old began running around in the tall brush and, obviously, were apprehended after trying to hide in a construction zone.

When asked to tell police what in the world they were doing riding in a golf cart at 3:53 in the morning on a cold December night, the boys did not hold back when describing their difficult situation.

Apparently, the kids got into a fight with a girl they were visiting at her mobile home around 1 a.m. because she thought they were “lame.”

So, they were “escorted” off her residence and, welp, the two claimed they had no other way to get home other than to prowl around the area in hopes of stealing a golf cart.

The boys managed to steal three, they confessed, adding that when one cart ran out of fuel, they’d hop into the next available chariot that had its keys inside to continue their ride of shame home.  Of course, they used the back roads.

So, not only are the teens labelled “lame,” they’re also marked with “prison time” because they now face three counts of grand theft.

TC Palm reports that the boys have been locked up according to the most recent records.

-ABC Air power