Angry customer demands refund after ordering a dozen masks and receiving “only 12”

A Minnesota business owner was left scratching her head after an angry customer, who ordered a dozen face masks, demanded a refund when he only got 12.

Zada McCray, the owner of Zada’s Vault, an online shop that sells items like shirts, hoodies, cards and customized face masks, according to the company’s website, posted screenshots of her Twitter exchange with the customer, which quickly went viral.

“Hello, I ordered a dozen custom masks from you, however you only sent me 12,” the customer writes in the exchange.

“I really needed them all. I would like a refund please and I will no longer support your business. I try to support black owned businesses but you guys continue to rip people off.”

McCray politely responds by explaining that since a dozen means 12, she sent him was correct amount. Therefore, she would not be able to offer a refund. Despite being totally in the right, McCray apologized for disappointing the customer and offered a $5 discount coupon.

The customer, in turn, responds with “not interested,” adding, “I must of missed it on the invoice. I needed 20. I never heard of it being listed as 12.”

He closes by writing, “I swear it was pronounced ‘dub zen’ like a dub (20) whatever tho.”

-ABC AirPower