Watch: Card 53 Comedy ensures ‘Male Rompers’ are represented at Big Texas Fest

Card 53 Comedy to perform at Big Texas Fest

Male rompers: it’s actually been “a thing” for decades

Male rompers are currently “a thing” in pop culture, but those of us that grew up in areas near oil fields have seen this trend before – just in a slightly different way.

It was the late-90s and early-2000s. I had just graduated high school and many of my buddies worked the oil fields near Bakersfield, California. When they retired their coveralls from day-to-day oilfield work, they’d recycle them by grabbing a knife, cutting short the pant legs and sleeves, and BOOM – an outfit that worked perfectly for projects on the ranch, wrenching on the truck, or wearing to a punk rock concert.

I’ve witnessed this blue-collar fashion trend many times over the years while traveling through Midland, Odessa, and Amarillo, Texas.

I’ve seen it in East Texas as well. For decades, recycled and “craftfully customized” old oilfield coveralls have been commonplace at the mud parks in Jacksonville, Easton and Alto.

Check out the funny Romper Rodeo video (above) by Card 53 Comedy, an East Texas comedy group. They made an entire video based on the “coveralls-conversion version” of the male romper. It’s… somethin’ to watch… then see them with kykx1057 at Lindale’s Big Texas Fest on Saturday, September 9th!

P.S. If you are inclined to rock your own male romper at Big Texas Fest — go for it. Yes – we judge, but who cares?

About Card 53 Comedy

Card 53 Comedy has been the driving force behind the East Texas comedy scene for the last 7 years. Their unique brand of “makem-up improv comedy” consists of several scenes where everything is made up on the spot based off audience suggestions. Card 53 considers their show to be “clean-ish” striving to provide the most entertaining show possible, however, due to the unpredictable nature of the show, Card 53 risks embarrassing their mothers, wives and places of employment all for the sake of providing a night of entertainment like no other in East Texas.



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