Shop Local First and Support Local Retailers!

kykx1057 encourages you to think before you shop online, and shop local first!

Here’s why:

Local retailers typically offer better customer service.

  • Local retailers’ personal reputations are at stake. They live here, work here and play here. They’re more likely to “get it right” the first time and “make it right” when necessary.
  • Local business owners tend to hire people with a passion for the products they sell.
  • Local retailers help you find the right product. You can try on clothes to make sure they fit, you can learn about a product’s origin and how to properly use your new device.
  • At local retailers, you buy the product today and you take it home today. If it’s not what you want, you return it today and get your money back today. Local is typically faster.
  • Local retailers are typically more creative – if you go into a local store and they don’t have the exact item you need, most of the time they can point you towards suitable (often better) local alternatives.

Video: Phat Matt has a #ShopLocalFirst chat with Amanda from Scrubs Galore and More.

Local retailers strengthen your local economy.

  • Local retailers return a larger chunk of each dollar to the local community. Local businesses are more likely to use local services, locally-sourced materials and local labor.
  • Local retailers create local jobs providing a means for you, your family and your neighbors to earn a living.
  • Good local jobs equate to safer communities, healthier families and less crime.
  • Local retailers increase healthy commercial activity in neighborhoods. When you go to one local business, you’re also introduced to other nearby businesses.

Video: Phat Matt has a #ShopLocalFirst chat with Kristy from Skinner’s.

Local retailers provide greater support to local communities.

  • Local retailers are critical to supporting community events and local charities – with billions of dollars donated every year. When was the last time someone from a major online retailer bought the athletic uniforms for your kids and volunteered at your local fundraiser?
  • Local retailers provide vital funding and staffing for local iniatives. Organizations staffed by volunteers from local businesses include: main street and beautifucation groups, local feativals, local homeless shelters, local churches and local community events.
  • Local retailers pay local taxes – from sales taxes to local property taxes, local businesses play a critical role to ensure adaquate funding for streets, parks and the infrastructure that we all use.

Video: Phat Matt has a #ShopLocalFirst chat with Jim Bartlett from Jim Bartlett Fine Jewelry

Video: Chris Wayne gives you a tour of Moon River Naturals in Tyler

Join the movement happening now in East Texas: #ShopLocalFirst at the following East Texas businesses:

Big Papa’s Liquer in Longview

Wings & Whitetails in Carthage

Louis Morgan Drugs #4 in Longview

Cavender’s Boot City in Tyler

Cavender’s Boot City in Longview


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