Randy Peters and Cathy Cace Recognized as Knights to Remember!

Longview business owners recognized by St. Mary’s Catholic School

kykx1057 congratulates Cathy Cace and Randy Peters, both alumni of St. Anthony’s Catholic School in Longview, on their recognition as Knights to Remember!

About Cathy Cace

Cathy Cace has always known that God has big plans for her. From St. Anthony’s Catholic School to Longview High School, and then Texas Christian University, she never settled for mediocre nor does she today.

Cathy Cace. Image courtesy: St. Mary’s Catholic School.

As a busy mother of two beautiful daughters and a loving wife to Gerard, she still found time to volunteer at St. Mary’s School.  “Red Ribbon Week” was Cathy’s platform at Partners in Prevention where she tirelessly worked to help kids “Just Say No” and to encourage prayer for all of those that suffer from addiction. Longview Museum of Fine Arts and the Longview Junior League are venues for her service, especially geared towards kids.

Perhaps her biggest legacy is her work with the Texas Restaurant Association’s State Education Foundation where she made culinary arts a possibility in several local high schools.  Cathy continues to work to provide scholarships for students today.

In addition to her work with the youth, she has been instrumental in helping revitalize downtown Longview and in making sure our community gets fresh, locally grown produce at the Historical Longview Farmer’s Market. Her latest endeavor, The Cace Kitchen, with daughter Chelsea, proves again that mediocre is not an option. She is a hard worker that knows the value of customer service, an excellent product, and a fair price. So, whether she is serving famous Cace Gumbo, hope to our youth, or God in His Church, you can bet Cathy is exceeding expectations. We are honored to have Cathy Cace as a Knight to Remember.

About Randy Peters

Randy Peters learned collaboration and communication skills as a young student at St. Anthony’s School. Many times, these “skills” earned him a visit to the school disciplinarian. But, that discipline was always rooted in discipleship and God’s mercy. He also learned the importance of community. A lesson taught to the world on the day of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The school mourned, prayed, and recognized this historical event through the lens of a Catholic community.

Randy Peters. Image courtesy: St. Mary’s Catholic School.

Peters dedicated his adult life to building this community into a better and stronger place to live, worship, and raise children- especially regarding Catholic school. His own children, and now his grandchildren, are all proud Knights! Randy treats everyone with respect, dignity, and value. His ethical and fair business tactics and strong customer relationships have helped him grow a thriving family of dealerships that continue to grow.

Service is at the core of a Christian faith and one of the pillars of St. Mary’s Catholic School. Randy gives to over 150 charities, organizations, and schools. Not only does he give monetary donations, he also provides “sweat equity”. Communities don’t grow by chance, children don’t learn what it means to be faithful citizens without mentorship and guidance. Charity is a core Christian obligation – to love one another. All of these are exemplified in Randy Peter’s life.  His constant investment of time and treasure in the Longview community make him A Knight to Remember.

Content for this article provided by St. Mary’s Catholic School in Longview.



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