Q&A: “Can you play my song on the radio?”

kykx1057 Music Library. Courtesy: kykx1057.com

We get lots of calls, social media messages, and e-mails from artists requesting airplay on kykx1057.

Here are several avenues to submit your music to kykx1057 and some related FAQs:

1) Hire a radio promoter.

This method is the easiest, and most common in Texas / Red Dirt music. It also happens on the “Nashville side” and in other genres. At some point, almost every artist you hear on the radio has hired an established, legitimate radio promoter. They maintain contacts with radio stations, know song submission protocols, and can help you book appearances and showcase events.

Q: “Can the radio station recommend a record promoter?”

  • A: No. If you want a promoter referral or recommendation, simply network with other artists on the road and at industry events.

Q: “Will you send me a list of promoter contacts?”

  • A: No. If you want a list, contact the chart editors at Mediabase, Billboard, CDX Traction, Texas Regional Radio Report, Music Row, or whatever chart you want your song to compete on.

2) Sign a recording contract with an established record label.

This method is more difficult, and is the most common method used by artists based in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles.

Q: “How do I get a recording contract?”

  • A: Hire a manager and/or music industry attorney to guide you.

Q: “Can you forward my music to a record label?”

  • A: No. Hire a manager and/or music industry attorney to guide you.

3) Do it yourself.

This method is the most difficult, but some artists have seen success with the do-it-yourself method.

kykx1057 accepts submissions via: US Mail/FedEx/UPS, CDX, CDTex, and PlayMPE.

Q: Will you accept airplay requests via Facebook or other social media?

  • A: As far as airplay, the answer is: no. We cannot accept social media messages for formal airplay consideration.
  • However, if you are a local artist and ask nicely, our personalities and digital team members might be able to give your social content a “share” or engage with your social media posts.

Q: Will you accept music via e-mail?

  • A: Yes, but only if:
    • 1) the e-mail links to your music on CDX, CDTex, or PlayMPE or,
    • 2) the e-mail originates from an established, legitimate record promoter or record label (see #s 1 and 2, above).

Q: Can I mail you a CD?

  • A: Yes. We’d love to hear it! Please make sure your CD is broadcast quality. Include a press kit.
    • If you’re a Texas artist, please send your press kit and single to: kykx1057, Attn: Chris Wayne, 210 South Broadway Ave, Suite 100, Tyler, TX  75702.
    • If you’re a Nashville artist, please send your press kit and single to: kykx1057, Attn: Phat Matt, 4408 US Highway 259 North, Longview, TX  75605.

Q: Do you report to any charts?

  • A: Yes. We report airplay to Billboard, CDX Traction, CDX Traction/Texas, and Texas Regional Radio Report.

Best of luck!



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