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TXM Summer Concert Series – Pat Green

Round 2 of the TXM Summer Concert Series?


It’s Pat Green LIVE on the outdoor stage at the Cannery!

Itʻs impossible to know your limits without testing them.

Itʻs a truth that Pat Green has employed in his career, one that has propelled him to repeatedly refashion his sound, his approach and his own perception of who he is. Heʻs simultaneously a Grammy-nominated hit maker with an outsider reputation, a Texas inspiration and a mainstream country artist who can rock arena and stadium stages with the likes of Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney.

Each of those roles has its own place. But each of them is too small to define Pat Green, who after 15 years in the recording business has earned the right to be everything Pat Green can be. Without limitations.

“Iʻd much rather be me and comfortable in my own skin than trying to be five different guys to get to the top,” he says.

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